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Thursday, 16 January 2014 16:07

Say It Outdoors - How Effective is Outdoor Advertising

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Do It Outdoors

People are overwhelmed with the sheer amount of branded information and advertising that bombards their lives every day. The number of messages easily runs into hundreds per day, leading people to filter out as much of it as possible. Online advertisement; can be blocked with software or by opting out, television by watching recorded shows, Netflix, iTunes and the growing list of no ad options, and radio by listening to subscription music-only channels. But outdoor advertising, such as billboards, and sidewalk signs cannot be turned off. They work twenty-four-seven.


The Best Platform for Small Business

It is therefore one of the best platforms for advertisers and marketers, especially for small business. As the costs for electronic media escalate, out-of-home advertising remains very affordable; without sacrificing the advertisements quality and impact. When advertisers, marketers, and advertising agencies compare the cost and reach of different types of media, outdoor advertising really stands out. The average cost to reach a thousand consumers with outdoor advertising is about $1.59 which is 80 percent less than television, 60 percent less than newspapers, and half the cost of radio. It stands to reason out-of-home (OOH) advertising is now one of the fastest growing ad mediums behind online. With recent data from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America confirming a long-term trend of 5 per cent compounded revenue growth for the medium, in quarter one of 2013.

Cost, however, is just one of the attractions of outdoor printed media advertising. Strategic placement of advertisements will further enhance its effectiveness to target and persuade potential consumers. An advertisement near the point-of-sale can obviously serve as a last minute purchase reminder to consumers and potential consumers. Out-of-home advertising can also complement other media to make advertisements and campaigns more effective.

Of course, a wide range of audience in outdoor advertising is no guarantee that a business or a company's sales will soar. The most critical success factor is the message itself. It has to make an impact and make it fast. For example, on billboards, the consumer might be going by at 60 miles per hour so it is incredibly important that consumers be able to immediately comprehend the message.

Another great advantage of out-of-home advertising is that advertisers can familiarize people with the packaging of a product. It is a very good vehicle for emphasizing what the product looks like so consumers will be able to recognize it immediately when they go to the store. It is also especially useful for helping launch a new and unfamiliar product and is a good value for businesses with limited marketing funds.


Outdoor Advertising has Variety

Outdoor advertising can take several forms, though most are of the sign variety. The following outdoor options are most common:

Billboards... Traditionally, these were large sign structures on which sheets of paper were adhered. Today, paper has been replaced by plastic and vinyl, yet the essence of the medium remains unchanged. They are usually placed along highways and other high traffic areas.

Sidewalk Signs... These are designed to stand freely on sidewalks. Often they are used to promote retail specials in shopping areas or used as directional signs. For more casual environments, chalkboard type signs can be used which can be easily changed and updated.

Buildings and Grounds... Building owners and tenants use signs, frequently lighted, as branding for their company. In retail and restaurant locations, outdoor equipment such as patio umbrellas can also display the business’ brand name.

Promotional Flags and Banners... Flags and banners promoting a business can be placed along entryways or high traffic areas to gain attention for your business. While traditionally flown flags can be used, flexible flags are      becoming increasingly popular with small businesses. These can be made of cloth (like traditional flags), vinyl or a polyester fabric.

Inflatables... Giant inflatable animals, characters, products and structures (such as entryways) can be purchased or rented, and can be very effective in gaining attention for special events and promotions.

Trucks and Vehicles... They are moving billboards. With expanded graphic capabilities such as vehicle wraps, trucks and cars bring a business’ brand and message to places where signs are often banned.

The key to it all is quite simple; make it fun and surprising, you'll be sure to attract some attention and new customers too.

Source: DisplayBay & AllAbout4

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