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Small and Large Format Scanning

Small Large Format B&W and Colour ScanningWideTEK Colour Scanning

Document scanning can be an invaluable tool for document management, digital archiving and for reducing the paper volume for companies of all sizes. At Dominion Blue we employ the most advanced document imaging techniques and equipment in converting paper documents to stable and secure electronic formats.

With WideTEK wide format colour scanning you can easily have originals up to 48” wide by 3mm thick converted into a digital file. Our WideTEK 48 Colour Scanner with built-in precision colour calibration produces outstanding digital files. In addition, our WideTEK 36 and Océ ColourWave scanners can quickly turn your detailed colour drawings and CAD mark ups into digital files.

Black & White Scanning... We offer scanning for black and white originals or blueprints up to 36" wide using Océ Image Logic Technology. Scan to print or scan for file storage. Save files to TIF, PDF, and other formats. Store files in a View Share Print Port built just for you; to view your document anytime online and print as required. We'll also burn them to CD/DVD/M-DISC or copy them to a USB memory stick or digital media of your choice.

Your Online Archive Portal

Online Archive Portal View Print CapabilitiesEvery Document Counts

When you order printing or have any of your hardcopy documents scanned, choose the archive option and we’ll build your very own cloud based retrieval system for free. It's that simple to have all of your business printing in one secure online place.

The Advantages of Online Digital Printing... Online digital printing encompasses everything be it catalogs, brochures, flyers, business cards, greeting cards, banners, signs, tradeshow displays or point of purchase (POP) marketing materials. All of your printing and documents accessible by all of your computers and devices connected to the internet. Below we've listed a few benefits of online printing over traditional print stores.

1. Options galore: When you opt for online digital printing, you will be astonished at the number of options you have at your fingertips.

2. Affordable: Digital printing services are an affordable option. You can order in volume to get the best pricing or order only what you need right now and save money. Moreover, if you want to dispatch your order to a client's location, you can get it shipped direct with the click of a mouse.

3. Plethora of design options: This is yet another obvious advantage of online digital printing. You get to choose from a variety of design templates, colours, labels and other custom features, which match your requirements. To top it off, dynamic or variable data printing has never been easier to do.

4. Open 24/7: Online printing stores don't hang a "closed" sign on their doors (read websites) after certain hours. They are open around the clock. This means you can work on your design whenever you want, be it early in the morning or late at night.

Construction Document Management : DFS & VSP²

DFS & View Share Print Plan RoomsDFS™ Online Planroom

Our DFS (Document Fulfilment System) allows you to manage the way you communicate with other people on the project and also how you store, access, and distribute documents. It contains tools that allow you to manage your documents, bid packages, contacts, notifications, reports and many other things related to your project.

Dominion Blue has been providing expert document reproduction and distribution to the Vancouver AEC community for over 100 years. DFS is an application that provides robust construction document management capabilities throughout the project lifecycle.  Specifically, DFS provides the following functionality:

» Contact Management » Bid Management
» Prequalification of Subcontractors » Ability to Manage Issues
» Submittal Management » RFI Management
» Contract Document Management » Electronic Closeout & Legacy

The DFS Windows Remote Application runs on the local computer as a native windows application, but connects to a remote web server for services and data.  This provides the rich user interface of a windows application with the easy deployment and maintenance of a web application.

The Windows application provides many advantages.  Support for multiple windows, drag-n-drop and persistent internet connections provides productivity and reliability that web applications can’t match. With the DFS Windows application, a user can access DFS from any PC. They simply have to connect to a special page or link we set up on their web site and click on the DFS button.  DFS will then install the appropriate software on the PC each time it is executed.

View Share PrintView Share Print Port » Try It Out

If you're an architect, engineer or contractor then this might just be the most valuable online tool you’ve ever come across.

VSP² is a home for all of your drawings, specs and details. Every file you upload or request that we archive in your VSP Port can be viewed, shared and printed. Anyone you give password protected access to can login to your VSP Port from any Internet connected device or computer 24/7. It's secure, easy to use and convenient.

Access Anywhere Anytime... Your View Share Print Port is a secure cloud based solution, hosted by Dominion Blue Reprographics. View Drawings and Specs On The Go... View your drawings, specs & details on all iPads, tablets, smart phones and computers connected to the internet. Print Your Drawings, Details and Specifications... Full colour and B&W plotting & digital printing has never been more affordable nor faster. 
Involve Your Team... Set up individual and/or group password protected access for your team and contractors. Upload Drawings, Specs & Details... Upload all of the popular architectural drawing sizes to view, share and print. Keep Your Documents Organized... Keep your documents organized in folders. Plus the portal includes Full search capabilities.

Online Dynamic & Personalized Printing

Dynamic Variable Data PrintingSatisfy Customers

The power of personalization is now yours! With your own db-PrintShop portal you can easily and affordably create variable data documents and printed communication across all of your devices. Create personalized promotions that not only call each member of your audience by name, but also reflect their personal characteristics, lifestyles, or tastes. Dynamic printing provides a powerful new tool to win the attention of your audience, one person at a time, and frequently, capture higher sales too. Why not let us show you the potential of digital print technology using dynamic printing and how you can easily align your business to make use of its power, because Buyers Seek Print.

Dynamic Printing Made Easy... Likewise with dynamic printing we can set up your own portal with dynamic documents that let you and your team change information on pre-established designs such as business cards, real estate signage and much more. Team collaboration is now a snap and you can work anywhere anytime as long as your device is connected to the internet.

Facility Managed Printing

Facility Managed PrintingNo Capital Investment

With our On-Site Service program you can have a printer placed at your business and/or site trailer and take full advantage of the most advanced reprographic technology available. It can be specifically customized to match your evolving needs.

Benefits of this program include:

  • Absolutely no capital investment.
  • Managed accountability of internal print usage to help you gain higher reimbursables, keeping your people focused on core business initiatives.
  • We can furnish all consumable supplies including recycled stocks.
  • We provide all technical services eliminating the hidden and “soft” costs associated with internal printing.
  • Reproduction costs are fixed by contract which guarantees monthly billings and no surprises.
  • You can now take advantage of new advancements in technology as it becomes available, with complete protection from outdated equipment.
  • Full backup support is constantly standing by to meet any and all emergencies, assuring you zero equipment and/or personnel downtime.


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