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Tuesday, 13 July 2010 16:24

Print.. In The MIX : Fact-Based Research

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Print in the Mix: A Clearinghouse of Research on Print Media Effectiveness brings together valuable information and research from a wide-range of credible sources on the role and effectiveness of print in the marketing media mix. Covering all areas of print, including direct mail, magazines, custom publishing, newspapers, and more, Print in the Mix's concise facts and top-line research summaries demonstrate print's effectiveness and role in generating return on investment -- alone and working synergistically with other media to drive results.

Here are just some of the ways companies are putting Print in the Mix's fact-based information to use:

  • We use Print in the Mix research to shape company media and marketing materials and presentations and sharpen focus on specific customer issues.
  • Print in the Mix has improved the content of our customer newsletter.
  • Because Print in the Mix's information is fact-based, our reps are able to talk specifics during the sales process.┬á This has been very helpful in addressing client concerns about the value of the print option and ROI.
  • We feature Print in the Mix research in our direct mail and email blasts to keep our customers in the loop.> Facts and figuresrather than opinion and anecdotal informationhelps solidify us as subject matter experts and a trusted source of industry information."
  • We've put your fast facts on our website.Put Print in the Mix's fact-based research to work for you. More. Share &/or Comment Γû║
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