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Friday, 21 February 2014 11:03

Vancouver's Oldest Prized and Praised Properties

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Pacific Central Station in Vancouver

There are about 2,150 registered heritage buildings in Vancouver, plus 131 parks and trees, and additional monuments and archaeological sites.

You can find all of these heritage sites in the Vancouver Heritage Register (VHR).

The City's long term goal is to protect, through voluntary designation, as many resources on the Vancouver Heritage Register as possible.

How does a site qualify for inclusion?

To be included in the VHR:  

  • Sites must have architectural and historical significance
  • The context of the building and its surroundings must still be clear
  • Alterations to the exterior of the building must be limited
  • The building must have been constructed before 1940, with the exception of "recent landmarks"

Click Here » to find out more.
Also view Wikipedia » to view listed properties.

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