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How Secure Is Your Data
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Our newest Archiving Service offers you the peace of mind knowing that your data will be perserved for hundreds of years.

Discover Archival Media Longevity with M-Disc

M-DISC DVDs are an economical, and easy-to-use entry into the world of personal archiving. Enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes from protecting your treasured memories against loss. MDISC is forever storage and offers a capacity of 4.7 GB.

M-DISC Blu-ray recordable 25, 50 and 100 gigabyte discs are a favorite of architects, engineers, developers, professional photographers, videographers, businesses and government agencies that have a large amount of data to archive.

Both M-Disc formats will last up to 1000 years. M-DISC is the low-cost leader in personal archiving solutions, designed to outlast the competition by centuries.

You've probably lost data and don't know it. Whether you store files in the cloud, on a flash drive or an external backup, your data is vulnerable to loss and corruption. And once you realize you’ve lost those files it will be too late.

Our newest Archiving Service offers you the peace of mind knowing that your data will be perserved for hundreds of years. Order Online or Bring Your Files In to one of our Five Locations... We can Even Scan Most of Your Hardcopy Data and Photo's.

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Other Recordable DVDs, including the most expensive “Gold” archival DVDs, burn data into an organic dye layer. Organic dyes start to degrade and fade as soon as they are written, leading to a condition sometimes called “data rot”. This problem is so severe that the National Archives warns that the reliable shelf life of a standard recordable DVD is somewhere between 2 and 5 years. The M-DISC™ contains no organic dyes. Instead, the M-DISC™’s data layer is composed of rock-like materials known to last for centuries.


Millenniata, Inc. is a global data storage company. We are the creator of the M-DISC™ DVD, which is the world’s first archival disc to last up to 1,000 years. The M-DISC engraves data into a patented rock-like layer that is resistant to extreme conditions of light, temperature and humidity – outlasting all other archival optical discs on the market. Our company is the leader in optical archival technology and sets the industry standard for disc longevity. Millenniata is passionate about introducing new technologies that allow for the preservation of memories for a millennia.

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